Thursday, 11 August 2016

8 simple things a novice blogger should know!

1) Content is the king. Researched and Validated information will be appreciated by everyone and by every part of world.

2) Relate it to people/organization that can republish your post. If I write about Shutterbug Photos @ FB-Shutterbug
               I mention them in one of the best candid photographers/ Under top N photographer in India. They are likely to have my post-link on there Fan Page/Site.Thus increasing visibility and mutual value creation. Simple examples would be-

a) Top 10 restaurants in Delhi
b) Top 10 rapper in India
c) 30 Hottest models of Brazil

3) Taking current hot topics, most popular/controversial/recent news. This is the reason why top earning blogger like Huffington Post are from news industry.

4) Content must be integrated with social media; Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc.

5) Blog is not a one time job. Blog must be interactive. Comments/ any email query must be replied as early possible. It is about keeping the existing customers engaged.

6) Establish yourself as an expert. Do not focus on variety of topics but write on subject where u feel you have plenty of knowledge about.

7) Target on-line audience. You might be having great knowledge about Spirituality/Religion or sth useful for athletes but “Are these people present over net?” On-line people like to be Celebrity buff, tech lover. This is the reason sites like http://www.therichest.comand are performing well.

8) Lets have a look what greatest earners are doing-

Website Domain Earning per Day Recent News $29,896 Recent News $15,781 Tech News $14,816 Gaming,Entertainment,Science $9,861 Educational $6,382

so, what are you waiting for? Include these thoughts in your blog and kill compete with Huffington-post.

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